Rolfing® ~ Bodywork

My deep fascial work helps you to feel at ease in your body. If you have pain, stress or an injury, Rolfing® does more than just a short-term easing or relaxation of the muscle.

This work helps to dissolve tightened structures in the body and therefore to become soft and flexible again - physically and mentally. Our inner attitude affects our body and our body affects our mind, our consciousness and our thinking.

Let yourself be touched deeply - not only your body but also your being. Start to move with ease again and experience joy, lightness and a new dynamic in your everyday life.

Rolfing® often gets confused with deep tissue massage, it is far more than that and much longer lasting. At first glance, it may look similar. A massage is relaxing a muscle but in Rolfing® it's about changing patterns in the structure of the body. Those patterns that create postural problems and pain issues.

As Rolfer we’re working through fascia (not muscles) that will be addressed, activated and coordinated again. Everything a Rolfer does is about the relationships of the fascia through the whole body. As shown in the Rolfing logo, the structure of the body is brought back again into a harmonious balance that feels young, vital and movable.

Bone and Scar work of Sharon Wheeler is part of my work
(special treatment of bones and scar tissue)

In addition to my work, I use the gravitation simulator that is also used at Pravilo.

Gerald Kaufmann ~ Advanced Rolfing®, Pravilo and Bodywork in Munich ~ Telefon: +49 171 38 67 594
Hohenzollernstraße 61 Gartenhaus/Rückgebäude ~ 80796 München ~ Studio 61

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